About Us

Ver.88 began business as an importer of internationally renowned make-up and skincare brands from Korea to the Thai market, before expanding to become an accredited manufacturer of high quality cosmetic. Launching our first product in 2015.

Ver.88 continues to grow on the following foundations;

Knowledge and Competency:

With years of experience in working with leading Korea cosmetic company, we develop key of quality, efficiency and initiating in new products to best the needs of Asian women, in order to make everyone favourable beautiful.


We pay attention in every detail of manufacturing, because we know what is the natural of Asian women skin. We only produce in order to meet the need of your skin. Allow you to use products for taking care your skin and enjoy applying our products to the delicate skin pleasingly.


We produced and collected our products to Thailand for your convenience. Then you do not need to travel to Korea but still can be simplicity beautiful as they close to your hand.

Ver.88 Because Beauty Comes with Simplicity and Fun.